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Why Should You Have Your Hotel Employees Take Fire Extinguisher Training Classes?

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Having fire extinguishers in your hotel is vital for fire safety, but your employees also need to know how to put them to good use. If your employees haven't undergone fire extinguisher training, they may be unable to safely handle a small fire that starts in your hotel, which will result in the fire spreading out of control. Training keeps your employees safe and helps them feel more confident about their ability to put out fires. To learn why you should have your hotel employees undergo fire extinguisher training, read on. 

Employees Need to Know the Right Class of Fire Extinguisher to Use

Fire extinguishers are separated into classes depending on the types of fires that they're able to safely put out. Matching the right class of extinguisher to the type of fire that breaks out is vital to make sure your employees can put the fire out safely.

Hotels can experience a variety of fires, such as grease fires in the kitchen and electrical fires in the elevator control panels. You can't use a traditional wet foam type of extinguisher on either fire source. A wet foam extinguisher will cause a grease fire to spread, and the foam will shock anyone it comes into contact with when used on an electrical fire.

Fire extinguisher training will teach your employees which extinguishers can be used based on the type of fire that occurs in your hotel. When employees learn to recognize the different classes of fire extinguishers, they'll be able to pick the correct type if a fire does occur, avoiding a potentially dangerous error.

Fire Extinguisher Training Protects Your Employees

If an employee attempts to use a fire extinguisher without proper training in order to put out a fire that starts in your hotel, they may be injured. Standing too close to the fire while trying to put it out or fighting a fire that's already starting to blaze out of control can result in an employee receiving severe burns.

Fire extinguisher training will keep your employees safe by teaching them how to put out a fire safely and how to recognize fires that are too large to be safely handled with a fire extinguisher.

Putting Out Fires Early Stops Extensive Property Damage

A fire that spreads into your hotel can lead to costly and lengthy repairs. The smoke from a fire can cause damage to items that the fire didn't touch, such as your hotel furniture. If the fire department is called to put out the fire, your hotel will also be damaged by the water that they need to use to extinguish it.

Fire extinguisher training helps your employees respond quickly to fires when they occur, increasing the chance that they'll be able to put it out before it spreads. This minimizes the damage that a fire can cause to your hotel along with the associated repair costs.

If your employees haven't undergone fire extinguisher training, register them for classes. Your employees will learn how to safely put out small fires that start in your hotel, reducing the chance of property damage and keeping your employees and your hotel guests safe.

Contact a local fire extinguisher training service to learn more.